Sunday, February 21, 2016

I cannot follow recipes.

Since moving in to an apartment with a kitchen and embracing the dreaded life of a 'gluten sensitive' individual, I've developed a love for pinterest recipes.  I was definitely not born with that magic touch some people have where they can create delicious meals based on intuition. That being said, I also can't seem to follow recipes to a T. The above recipe is most likely delicious and I found it on The Local Vegan. However, I got to the grocery store only to find out that truffle oil is something like $15...a.k.a., $15 more dollars than I can afford. So instead, I followed the recipe with the following tweaks:
-No truffle oil = olive oil, salt and pepper on my mushrooms
-No food processor = mashing the beans with a spoon after the 8 minutes were up
-My need for an excessive amount of taste = a sprinkle of shredded parmesan on top

Truffle oil- $15.   
Shredded Parm from Kroger - $3.99    
Deliciousness after a 45 minute gym session- priceless


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