Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Thoughts for Galentines Day ... of 2017

As many others out there, I am very very extremely single. So, this year's Valentine's Day (I'm 2 days late) had no chance of any romance. 

Enter....Galentine's Day.  There's absolutely no point in wallowing in your loneliness for one day a year. Valentine yourself! That's right. I just made 'valentine' a verb. Anyway, this is pretty much what the best Galentine's day consisted of:

1. Sleep until 12PM and feel no shame.
2. Dinner [a.k.a. order and don't look at prices]
We went to a restaurant in Charlottesville called Parallel 38. A glass of italian Viognier, a spread of savory dips and a handful of perfectly spiced vegetables later..and we had some very content bellies ready for....
                                  Feelings of female empowerment? Yep. Yet still kind of making you feel necessarily 
                                  nostalgic about having a significant other? Yep. The cast is just wonderful and there 
                                  are some very yummy men. All in all, I laughed a lot, ate delicious food...a great night.

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