Thursday, February 18, 2016

How to Survive Big/Little Week

So, big little clue week is coming up for my sorority this week and being the only member of my family in greek life, i learned last year that there is an entire week dedicated to this. So the past few days I’ve experienced what goes into this week and here are a few tips of how to survive it
  1. have friends who know how to craft
  2. have friends who have supplies for crafting
  3. if you don’t have any crafting skills like myself, make yourself useful by painting the bases of canvases while your friends do the difficult work so you don’t seem like you’re just using them, even though you totally are
  4. don’t go overboard, no one has room on their wall in a dorm room for more then 4 canvases so if you have 8 (like my friends).. stop. 
  5. realize before you paint the wine glasses, cups, and shot glasses that if you paint the rims of them then you can’t drink out of them.. so again, stop. 
  6. all black everything is always the way to go, except maybe this week because what if you’re little…… likes color. I know it’d be horrible but it could happen
  7. steal shirts from frats to give them in case you don’t have enough sorority apparel so it makes it seem like they’re getting more stuff
  8. my last and final suggestion is if you're having a brain fart and can't think of something to put on a canvas, you can never go wrong with a friends related canvas because lets be real, who doesn't love friends?(a totally stolen idea from the internet but who cares, thats what the internet is here for).
And to think this is only the preparation for the week.. I can imagine what its gonna be like when i have to come up with creative little quotes and decorate her room- all things i don’t have the skills for. Well, i guess, sorry in advance to my future little.

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